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Jim King of The Road

TV's "King of the Road Show HD" & King's Country Internet country music station!

The "King of the Road Show HD" and King's Country Internet Radio represent local TV and Internet programming at it's finest! With a huge following, Jim King brings a loyal, built-in audience to his television program and Internet country music station. For years, Jim King has entrenched himself in worthy, local activities. Today, Jim and his King of the Road Productions crew are often seen capturing the action at area concerts and other events for their half-hour HD television show - airing  Saturday nights at 9:30 and Thursdays at 6:30 a.m. on Fox 4 KBTV; and Sundays at 12 noon on The CW!  Veteran radio programmer/music director Mickey Ashworth does a fabulous job with the King's Country playlist... It truly is the most magnificent country music mix on the planet - with a Southeast Texas flair!  Stream us 24/7 at

Why should you sponsor the "King of the Road Show HD" & King's Country?


Large Audience - Through many years of hosting local TV and radio programs - as well as his magazine and newspaper columns and photos, Jim has become a Southeast Texas media mainstay. The "King of the Road Show HD" television program is culmination of King's many years of community and media involvement.  King's Country Internet Radio has a large, local audience, affordable spot rates - and is a great alternative to the area's "terrestrial" stations. Not to mention our King-Sized playlist of over 2,000 killer country tunes, past & present!

Local Flare - Everyone wants to see themselves on TV and the "King of the Road Show HD" is always about Southeast Texas people and fun, local happenings.  King's Country is heavily promoted locally on TV and the Internet. King's Country is a station that was launched specifically with Southeast Texans in mind - any area country fan will love it!

Product Placement - On his TV show and Internet radio station, Jim will promote the products and services of his sponsors. Jim's endorsement carries a lot of weight in Southeast Texas!

Free Sponsorship Extras - Sponsors of the "King of the Road Show HD" and King's Country get a lot of "bang for their bucks"... In addition to FREE commercial production and very affordable spot rates, advertisers are regularly featured in segments professionally videotaped and produced in High Definition by King of the Road Productions (for no extra charge).  Popularity of Fox & the Internet - The Dallas Cowboys, Houston Astros, American Idol, House and 24 - top-rated syndicated line up.

For more information about sponsoring the "King of the Road Show HD" & King's Country, call King of the Road Productions at (409) 748-9689. Email the Executive Producer, Jim King at